Information for Students

Welcome! Use this page to gain important information on how to access school resources and who to contact for assistance.

Accessing Your Google Account

Log in to any Google program with your school email account. Your email account is your first name . last name The default password is your student id or lunch code twice. We recommend changing your password once you are logged in.

Google Mail

Google Mail is used to send and receive emails from staff members and approved senders. Students are not permitted to email other students.

Google Classroom

Teachers use Google Classroom to post announcements, assignments and other material.

Google Drive

Students can use Google Drive to create documents, presentations and other online material.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a great place to track your schedule. It will also show upcoming due dates from Google Classroom assignments.

Accessing Your ProgressBook Account

ProgressBook is used to display your schedule, assignment scores, report cards and virtual classroom for online learning. Students can login using their school Google account.

Accessing Other Online Resources

Online resource links are located on under Student Resources. The majority of the resources will use a school Google account to login.


Q. I cannot access the internet. What should I do?
A. Go down to the bottom right corner and click on the wi-fi icon. Make sure you are connected to a network. Try rebooting your chromebook.


Questions about online content and homework should be directed to the teacher. Technical or access issues should be submitted using our online ticketing system or by calling 216-429-5805.